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As fellow venue owners ourselves, RKd Solutions’ origin story unfolded with the need for a centralized solution that handled back-end office management. We needed software that could handle email confirmations and real-time calendar availability, and honor our brand at the same time. With nothing like this on the market, we decided to take matters into our own hands and build it from the ground up.

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All Your Booking Needs in One Package

Now, reservation-based businesses can take the guesswork out of booking processes with our scheduling software. It’s designed specifically for experiential retail and reservation management to make your business run seamlessly. RKd Solutions gives you the tools you need to easily set up online booking faster than ever before while improving the customer experience. Customize reservation time windows, set special pricing, and take online deposits with the click of a button or tap of the finger.

Automate Manual Processes

League scheduling. Multi-event booking. Waiver signing. Private or group booking options. The benefits of our online scheduling software are accessible to every industry. Connect your website and paid advertising to oversee everything in a single place. Sound like the answer to your prayers? Schedule a free demo to learn how RKd Solutions can streamline operations so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Reserve Resources

Customize your venue’s availability to account for holiday hours or weekly league bye weeks.

Axe Throwing Archery & Gun Ranges


Book Experiences

Your customers can secure time slots online to maximize conversions.

Pickleball & Gellyball

Plan Group Events

Parties, reunions, and group gatherings start here.

Escape & Rage Rooms Golf Simulators VR Experiences


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