Hit a Hole-in-One with Our Golf Simulator Booking Software

As golf simulators continue to grow in popularity, the technology and customers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and now, you can be better equipped to handle that growing popularity than ever before. At RKd Solutions, that’s what we can bring to your business with high-quality golf sim software.

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Virtual Golf, Real Convenience

Whether it’s for practice or recreation – or a little of both – golf simulator customers want to waste as little time as possible before heading out to the (virtual) links. With the RKd Solutions reservation platform, delays and booking mix-ups are a thing of the past. Not only does the booking process move smoothly for customers, it also becomes much easier for you to handle payments, promotions and more.

The RKd Solutions Difference

When you use the RKd Solutions booking software for your golf simulator business, you consolidate every detail into one single platform. The result: a much more streamlined process with much less room for error, and a far easier means of creating promotions and other ways to make your attraction more attractive.

Platform Capabilities

RKd Solutions doesn’t just create a one-stop shop for all customers’ reservation needs (though it certainly does that, too!). Some of the other features of the platform are:


A convenient means of text notifications and reservation confirmations


Ability to use multiple gift cards for online payments


Peak hour pricing capabilities, allowing you to tailor package prices for practice in the mornings and lunchtime, or for leagues and recreation in the evenings


Extremely flexible package setup for custom hours and availability


Membership management features that make it possible to set up recurring monthly billing

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