Online Booking & Payment Processing Software That Simplifies Reservation Management

Our new and improved cloud-based software platform streamlines the entire booking and payment process so your customers can easily make a reservation, pay a deposit or in full, and enjoy an experience they won’t soon forget. With unparalleled customization capabilities, you can manage as much (or as little) of your online booking process as you want. Schedule a free demo today and see just how simple it is to display availability, showcase promotions, and scale your business with RKd Solutions.

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The Best Software For Reservation Management

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“Chill Axes has been using RKd Solutions since the moment we realized the initial system we had chosen was absolutely not going to work for us! Our onboarding process was incredibly smooth and we’ve come to really value not only the ease-of-use with the software, but the incredible customer-centric attitude of their entire team. These guys are forward-thinking and dedicated to providing a quality solution. I can’t imagine any other system being better than RKd.”

Chill Axes LLC

A Single Piece Of Software To Operate Your Entire Operation

Paying for multiple platforms to reserve and book experiences online is a thing of the past. Our scheduling software handles the heavy lifting for reservation management, taking payments, selling and redeeming gift cards, signing waivers, scheduling special events, running reports, and marketing integration to keep tabs on your entire operation.

Enhanced User Experience

Not the most tech-savvy individual? Exceptional customer support is built into our software. Hover over the area you’re working within for instant explanations and guidance.

  • Tablet-friendly
  • Dark and light display options
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Free software demo

100% Customizable

No one does business quite like you. Create branded messages and experiences in seconds.

  • Build packages tailored specifically to special and/or recurring events, pricing tiers, promotions, and more
  • Take payments and deposits for reservations online
  • Create unique messaging and automated email confirmations
  • Deliver a branded experience with your logo and color palette

Compatible With All Business Models

Market seasonal specials and oversee calendar management on the go.

  • Automate reservation and payment processing for any and all bookable experiences, from axe throwing and indoor golf simulators to poolside cabanas and VR experiences
  • Customizable reservation duration setup; automate recurring special events seamlessly
  • Offer special discounts for different customer types: EMS, veterans, students, seniors, etc.

Measure & Scale Ongoing Marketing

Track performance metrics and engagement with easy platform integration.

  • Integrates with Facebook Ads and Google Analytics
  • Keep track and measure ROI of current and future promotions and promo codes
  • Nurture customers with personalized correspondence with our MailChimp integration

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Activity & Experience Booking, Simplified

We know how difficult it can be to find an all-encompassing reservation booking software that fits the unique needs of your industry. Hundreds of businesses are improving the way their customers reserve bowling lanes, axe throwing lanes, escape rooms, and more thanks to our resource reservation management software. Learn how we empower businesses across the country and how we can help you do the same.

Industries We Serve

How it Works

RKd Solutions is the leading reservation and business management software built specifically for experience- and reservation-based businesses. The idea is to improve the customer-facing booking experience, and make the lives of our clients a little bit easier with features designed to automate their booking process and offer secure payment processing.

  • Facilitate every step of the booking process, including digital waivers and gift certificates
  • Keep customers on your website while making a reservation rather than redirect to a third-party provider
  • Automated communications with customers before and after their reservation at your venue
  • Tracking each group’s start and end times
  • Automated follow-up emails to solicit online reviews after the reservation from EVERY guest, not just the person who booked the reservation.
  • Covering the entirety of the payment process, including point of sale (POS) transactions for walk-ins and merchandise, as well as digital gift card sales
  • Robust reporting features and a dashboard for instant access to all of your most important sales and demographic statistics

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Easily drag and drop reservations to change lane assignments and reservation start times.
Automated reservation status updates for quick and easy real-time reservation management.
Fully customize your online booking window to keep branding and messaging consistent with your website.
Drag & Drop
Status Icons
Custom Branding

The Axe Arcade Digital Scoring App

The Axe Arcade digital scoring app automates every step of the axe throwing gameplay process, keeping your customers impressed and engaged – and discreetly keeping you and your staff on top of everything going on. An easy, user-friendly app that can be installed at every throwing lane, it offers multiple game formats, keeps score, tracks player progress, enforces start and end times, gives a warning when a group’s time is about to expire, and even emails players’ scores and information to them when they’re done. Wow your customers who weren’t expecting it, delight your customers who demand it, and be the envy of your local competition. Don’t get left behind.

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