An On-Target Shooting Range Booking Software

With all the legal requirements related to shooting ranges, a complicated reservation system is the last thing you or your patrons need. But when you use the RKd Solutions software, you get a sophisticated, easy-to-use archery and gun range booking software that makes everyone’s lives easier.

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We Aim to Please

Shooting range guests come in expecting to spend some time learning about safety measures, not about complications with their booking. Fortunately, with RKd Solutions, booking is a snap. And we make it far easier for visitors to arrange the important details in advance, leaving them with more time on the range when they show up for their reservation.

Making RKd Solutions Work for You

At its most basic level, RKd Solutions offers the opportunity to take all the disparate elements of making an archery or gun range reservation and combine them into a single cohesive process. No more coordinating all the different moving parts; there’s just one part, and it covers all your bases.

Platform Capabilities

We’ve designed the RKd Solutions reservation software with a variety of features that make it perfect for shooting ranges. Some of the things you can with with RKd Solutions are:


Create customizable waiver data collection fields


Arrange custom sales tax options, such as including sales tax for purchases but not for rentals when applicable


Include the relevant taxes for equipment rentals, merchandise purchases and more in POS transactions


Give refunds directly to a gift card to create in-store credits

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