Virtually Perfect VR Booking Software

A lot of logistics and planning go into creating an immersive VR experience that your guests can appreciate and enjoy. You don’t want to have to deal with a complicated booking process on top of that, do you? That’s where RKd Solutions’ VR booking platform comes in.

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A Tool to Simplify Reservations

Whether they’re seasoned VR gamers or technological noobs, your guests are here for the experience – and they expect you to handle all of the details. RKd Solutions makes the booking experience seamless and easy to understand, so patrons can focus on the immersive universe they’re about to enter. This way, guests can get in and get set up without any hassles in advance or complications in the middle.

How it Works

For all of its features, the RKd Solutions software is easy to explain: It takes every component of booking a VR experience and consolidates it into a single platform. No need to coordinate different components of the reservation system to ensure a cohesive final product; it’s all included under the RKd Solutions umbrella.

Platform Capabilities

Our VR booking platform is loaded with features that make the reservation process easy and comfortable. Some of the things you can expect with RKd Solutions are:


Google calendar integration, making it possible to for customers track reservations on their personal calendars


Custom reservation lead times, which stipulate how far in advance reservations can be made – both minimum and maximum


Non-adjacent resource settings, which ensure groups aren’t split up among VR resources that are not physically adjacent to each other


Gift card promotions, which can be easily integrated into the booking platform for holidays, slow seasons, etc.

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