Inescapably Reliable Escape Room Booking Software

Enhance your customer experience with the convenient rage room and escape room software provided by RKd Solutions. Our platform makes online booking frictionless for you and for your patrons, no matter your business model, your number of rooms or the size of the party.

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Improve Your Booking Experience

Whether it’s for a corporate team-building activity, a family get-together or just a friendly gathering, you want every visit to your rage or escape room to be easily coordinated with you – since it can be a pain to coordinate all those people before the customer even logs onto your website! When you use RKd Solutions, you ensure that, once the customer is ready to schedule, the process is as easy and convenient as possible.

What You Can Expect

The RKd Solutions software platform consolidates every aspect of booking an escape room or rage room reservation and puts it all in one convenient place. For you, that means having all the information you need in one easy-to-find place, and for your patrons, that means taking care of everything all in one fell swoop. And whether they’re going to be solving a complex puzzle or just smashing some stuff, they can focus all their mental energy on that.

Platform Capabilities

The RKd Solutions platform presents a variety of opportunities to improve ease of use for you and your customers. These include:


Group size-dependent promo codes (such as a percentage discount for groups of 4 or more)


MailChimp integration, eliminating the need for a tedious import/export process


Invoice generation and payment links for larger groups, which can be easily sent to organizations’ accounting departments


Printable branded gift card PDFs for inclusion in birthday and holiday cards, as well as promotional packages


Customer reservation history, containing information about which rooms repeat customers have already finished

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