Cutting-Edge Axe Throwing Booking Software

The RKd Solutions platform makes every aspect of running an axe throwing establishment easier. Between our booking platform and our axe throwing scoring software, we offer the ability to coordinate everything from one centralized hub.

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A Platform Custom Designed for Axe Throwing

At RKd Solutions, our roots are in axe throwing, and our software platform was originally designed with axe throwing businesses in mind. We know all the ins and outs of running an axe throwing establishment, and RKd Solutions has created our platform to simplify everything about it, ensuring a better experience for customers and a less stressful administration process for you.

What Our Software Does

OK, what doesn’t our software do? It won’t clean your bathrooms, it won’t serve your drinks, it won’t keep your axes sharp or your targets fresh. But it will do damn near everything else. It takes every aspect of booking – from the moment the customer clicks that “Book Now” button to the moment they walk into their lane – and makes it part of a single, comprehensive platform so you don’t have to do any of the coordination work on your own. And it offers a fully integrated scoring app for keeping and recording scores, eliminating the need for clumsy chalkboards (and error-prone human scorekeeping).

Platform Capabilities

In addition to consolidating all of your reservation and scorekeeping needs together into one seamless solution, RKd Solutions provides a number of options to enhance the experience, including:


Seven different games within the Axe Arcade scoring app


A fully integrated waiver platform that automates your email marketing campaigns


Payment links that can be sent via email


A quoting and invoicing platform for large groups, through which quotes can be accepted and deposits paid via emailed payment link


Auto-gratuity options that can be customized by group size


And so much more!